I feel like a kid again!

I have some exciting news – last night I got roped into playing at a talent show/quest thing.  It was a fundraiser for a friend who is moving to Scotland.  The event was aptly names “The Hottish Scottish Talent Show” which I think was kinda cute :-).

So I turned up at the Harbour Light armed with a chord chart for my guitarist who I had not yet met and wondering if I should have really learned the lyrics better.  A guitarist named Andy came to my rescue and we had a quick practice out the back to make sure we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves.  I was still scared.  And I still didn’t know the lyrics!  Argh.  The show began and I sang, Andy guitared, people listened which was a bonus – and they actually seemed to like it!  So I decided I would do another song, this time accompanying myself on the keyboard.  And it was over.  Phew – I didn’t embarrass myself!

Fast forward to the end of the show:  Everyone voted on their favourite acts and I got voted one of the top two acts and won a sweet prize!  I really feel like a kid.  “Mummy, Daddy I won!  I won!  Did you see me? I won!”  Haha – my Mum and Dad were actually there.

Here’s the proof:

By the way, the songs I sang were “Saving the World” by Brooke Fraser and “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn.  Love these artists very muchly.  Check our their music.


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