Operation Heart

I am trying to put some thoughts into words.

But there are few words.

I’ve spent hours clearing silt and mud from houses and streets.  I’ve been to the Red Cross and helped with data entry to track misplaced persons.  I’ve watched families grieve in the streets as they visit the resting places of their loved ones.

There are no words.

Operation Heart is nothing special.  I just wanted to do something to show my love in a creative way to the city that I call home – a city that has literally been broken apart.  My prayer is that our hearts will stay strong and that hope will emerge from the midst of this terrible tragedy.

UPDATE: See more photos and an update on Operation Heart here.


10 thoughts on “Operation Heart

  1. Your hearts and pictures are so beautiful, and yet so incredibly sad. Thank you for this lovely, poignant post. It fills me with hope and I pray for all the people of Christchurch. I cannot fathom how it must feel to be there right now.

  2. You are amazing! I hope you’re all ok down there. It’s heartbreaking being so close but feeling so far away. 😦 I love your little heart project…it’s beautiful. Keep safe!

      • YES YES YES! they’re our new youth pastors and come to our housegroup and i so love them already! such a small world in NZ isnt it – which is the beautiful thing!

        i think sophie talked about you the other day (she was sharing she had friends in chch who had lost people in their church???) and we prayed and i’ve been continuing to pray…

        i so love your heart idea – there is such that sense of want to do something eh…

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