Singing in the Storm

In the months following the September and February earthquakes, the most common question asked was “Are you okay?” followed by “Yes, I’m okay.”

However, after 9 months of ups and downs, the ground shaking beneath our feet, feeling like we’re not getting anywhere, tiredness, frustration, it’s time for us to own up to it. Many of us aren’t okay. We are slowly adapting to a different kind of life but the uncertainty of it can be so overwhelming!

In the last few weeks, many of my friends and family have asked, “How is life in Christchurch?”  I’ve been trying to answer as honestly as possible. Mostly I say, “It’s tiring” or “I’m slowly adapting.”

And for someone like me who likes a challenge, I’m still struggling!  There isn’t even a book to read like “Earthquakes for Dummies” or “How to Make the Most of Life in a Quake Zone,” or How to Rebuke Seismic Activity in the Name of Jesus.”

In all of this, I don’t want to sound like I’m drowning in my tears and moping ’round the streets of Christchurch. I’m not. I’ve actually got a home (no damage at all!), a beautiful family and amazing friends and a church community who are committed to bring the hope and love of Christ to this beautiful city. I have so much to be grateful for!

And so I am sitting here at my computer thinking about the song I’m going to sing in this storm I didn’t choose.  I didn’t choose this storm but I’m going to choose to sing and the song that I’m singing today is this one:

God is faithful–even when when I am not. He will make a way when it seems like I’ve exhausted all my options. And when I run out of strength, His grace will see me through. Not because I deserve it but because He is God and He is faithful.

Sara Groves says it so beautifully in her song “He’s Always Been Faithful.”

This is my anthem
This is my song
The theme of the stories
I’ve heard for so long
God has been faithful
He will be again
His loving compassion
It knows no end
All I have need of
His hand will provide
He’s always been faithful to me


2 thoughts on “Singing in the Storm

  1. Hey Rach
    That’s a very touching post; our hearts are still with you Christchurch-ers; can’t imagine what you are still living with.
    BTW i got your comment about Mrs readalot’s Bloggy bookclub; would love you to join in, and take a turn hosting. I just need your email address so i can put you on the contact list.
    Email it to me at
    Luv from Simone @Greatfun4kids

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