Daily Reads

So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite daily reads from the blogging world.

My Girl Thursday once said, “Blogs are cool. I don’t even care what people say.” And yes, it’s true. Blogs are cool. Fullstop. No arguing.

I love visiting a myriad of different blogs and this selection is rather eclectic but hey, that’s just me!  Click on the images to visit each site. Enjoy.

This is my all time favourite!

Get your daily fix of awesome.

Don’t worry – it’s not really all about kids.

This one is good too.

All about worship. Challenging & inspiring.

Fun with fashion – this Kendi girl is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Probably the cutest girl on the planet.

And if you are new to this whole blogging thing, make sure you set up a Google Reader account or something similar (this will help you keep track of all your favourite blogs) and start adding some sweet bloggy goodness to it!  It’ll change your life. Ha! 😉

8 thoughts on “Daily Reads

    • And you – Mr Santistevan, are the most annoyingly accurate blogger (as in – everything you say is pretty much ‘spot on’). Your blog posts are challenging yet inspiring. I’ve passed on lots of your ideas/encouragement/challenges to my worship team and I know they are growing because of it.


  1. nice to find another chch blogger!! I’ve added you to my list and will let you know next time we have a get together planned. I like some of these too and will check out the ones new to me.

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