A Whole New World – iBands

Yesterday I met with my supervisor and we were chatting about work stuff mostly (I work as a Worship Pastor).  We were discussing my imminent departure overseas and how the worship team was going to manage etc etc. (By the way, I think they’ll manage just fine – because they’re awesome!) She joked about using an iPad on a music stand with me singing (via Skype or something). It was hilarious…but you really had to be there.

Anyway, today I randomly just stumbled across this crazy phenomenon. I wasn’t even searching for anything related to this. It seems that it’s the latest thing for worship teams to turn their iPhones & iPads into instruments and form what has been termed as an ‘iBand.’ It’s pretty cool! Cheesy – yes. But still cool.

Here are some of the best groups I found online:

Is this the way of the future? Does anyone have any of these apps? Are they hard to use?

And the real big question:  Do you think it makes music more accessible to people or ‘dumbs it down’?

I’d love to know your thoughts!



One thought on “A Whole New World – iBands

  1. Gemma Tong says:

    Love it! Schools here in Tauranga have actual ‘ibands’ as one of their band types! The ipad band apparently played in one of their recent assemblies! One of the teen boys I sometimes look after showed me how he could play drums, piano, guitar and a range of other instruments – and in real life he can’t play any of them! LOVE it!

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