Is it really SUSTAINABLE?

This post might seem a bit out of the blue but I’ve been thinking about sustainability a lot lately. We are generating far too much rubbish for our planet to handle and I personally am determined to reduce my contributions to the local rubbish dump as much as possible.

But where do you start?!

This is what I discovered today:

“Currently, Christchurch residents are throwing away far too much paper into the landfill – paper waste represents a whopping 21% of the total waste stream. The crazy thing about paper breaking down in the landfill is that it creates methane gas. Burying paper and cardboard results in the release of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere which contributes to Climate Change. Carbon emissions from the breakdown of paper, cardboard and organic matter in the landfill amounts to the emissions generated from 33,000 cars each year.”

I thought that chucking paper in the rubbish bin was pretty harmless (even though I usually recycle as much of it as I can)…but these statistics are crazy!

First step towards reducing waste and living a sustainable lifestyle:

Recycle ALL paper.

Put your unwanted glossy magazines, brochures, advertising material and small thin card straight into your recycling wheelie bin. By recycling your paper you can look after the environment. The cool thing is that processing recycled paper is faster and less expensive than growing trees for paper!

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