Radio Ron

If you live in Christchurch, you’ll probably know who Radio Ron is.

Yeah that guy. The one who walks around with a radio, singing and mumbling as he walks through the streets. He’s crazy and adorable all at once.

I haven’t seen him around the city since the earthquakes though but thanks to a Facebook fan page set up for him, I’ve heard that he now usually hangs out at Westfield Mall. Not that I’m stalking him or anything…

Totally found this awesome print of him on Etsy! Isn’t it cool?!

Source: CharleneKPhotography


5 thoughts on “Radio Ron

  1. every place must have “a guy” – we have a storm trooper/wrestler/screamo mask/darth vader guy. he just walks around howick/pakuranga. he is polynesian and huge and people thought he was kinda scarcy – he has got lots more “publicity” on a community facebook page with people seeing him and wondering who he is. but aparently he is just harmless, different. funnily i found out he flats next to our pastors. seriously it made me laugh hard (i hoep that doesnt make me sound insensitive!)

    i love the wall art!

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