Rachel’s Random Gift Guide

If you’re still needing a few Christmas gifts, here some completely random ideas! I gotta say that I love the Thanks for Being…Stamp. Wouldn’t be much use since I work at a church [I don’t think anyone would find it funny AT ALL]…but it cracks me up! 🙂 And I have always liked the idea of a Magnetic Poetry kit. It’s quite fun to play around with and great for guests to leave little messages when they visit. Poetry wars and haiku competitions anyone? Camo – the Monopoly game was with you in mind.

1. Mustache Bandaids in Tin $8.50

2. Sticky Notes – Useless Info $4.99

3. Cupcake Toothpaste $10.99

4. Stamp – Thanks For Being… $14.99

5. Magnetic Poetry Kit $29.99

6. Old Time TV Alarm Clock $17.99

7. Monopoly Nintendo Collector’s Edition $99.50

8. Heart Cookie Cutters $6.99


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