Necklaces for Uganda

Sick of all the crazy Christmas consumerism?

If you want to give a gift that truly keeps on giving – get one (or three) of these cute necklaces that just arrived all the way from Uganda! They are handcrafted by street children living in the outskirts of Kampala and all proceeds will go towards Raising Up Hope For Uganda (RUHU) who provide a safe-house, orphanage and schooling for the children.  The team at RUHU are doing their best to make life better for the kids in their care but they are really living hand to mouth. Every little bit counts.

The necklaces are $30 each or 2 for $50 and we have heaps of different styles and colours to sell! Click here to see more photos.

Reasons why you should buy a necklace:

1. The kids are super cute (okay that’s not really a proper reason but aren’t they gorgeous?!)

2. They worked really hard to make the necklaces themselves so they could raise money for the orphanage and safe-house.

3. The necklaces are even more beautiful in real life than the photos. Serious!

4. Many people tend to support bigger organisations such as World Vision, Oxfam and Compassion (which is what I tend to do as well), but this is a grassroots cause started by a couple of local Ugandan guys who saw a need and were compelled to act. They have big hearts and want to see the vulnerable and marginalised empowered to make a difference in their communities. Inspiring stuff. Let’s help them make it happen.


If you would like to see these beautiful children grow up healthy, loved and supported to make a difference in their community, you can! Buy one of these beautiful handcrafted necklaces by emailing me at


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