Book Club Review – The Tea Rose {Jennifer Donnelly}

This month I’m hosting Mrs Readalot’s Book Club! Mrs Readalot is otherwise known as the amazing Simone from GreatFun4Kids. You should check out her blog. She is a gem.

It is a very thick book. I have not finished it yet.

Okay so now I’ve got that out of the way… ;-P

As a result of reading The Tea Rose, I have had WAY too many insanely late nights in the past couple of weeks. I’m finding it hard to put the book down! I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not.

The Tea Rose is the story of 17-year old Fiona Finnegan living in London’s East End in the last 19th Century. Her family are hard workers involved in the tea trade. They are barely making ends meet (only just) but Fiona has dreams to make it big. She is a feisty wee girl. However, tragedy strikes and Fiona’s world is turned upside down. Her dreams are shattered and she is left to fend for herself along with her younger brother Seamus. They end up getting on a ship heading to America hoping to start a new life. This new life isn’t quite what they imagined…however feisty wonderful Fiona has a good head on her shoulders and nothing is going to stop her. I quite like her!

I love how the writer has developed each character. She adds just the right amount of detail – not too much, not too little. She is careful to keep their humanity at the forefront and I think this makes them even more lovable even though they make mistakes and do some unbelievably stupid things! (I’m still a bit angry about a certain character’s actions earlier in the book…haha!)

I’ve got ‘Real Life Book Club’ coming up on Sunday so I’ll pop back here to update this post with our collective thoughts including a mark out of 10 and our favourite characters etc.

What books have you been devouring lately? I hope you’re not having too many late nights like I am. Self-control RACHEL!

Link up your book reviews by clicking on the link below. (It can be any book!)



9 thoughts on “Book Club Review – The Tea Rose {Jennifer Donnelly}

  1. Simone says:

    I am STILL WAITING!!! argghhh!!
    I have given up on having this read and reviewed in time for this month’s linky, so I’ve written up a review of a book I’ve been re-reading whle I’m waiting… and waiting… and waiting…
    The post will go up tomorrow so I’ll come back and link up then. Sorry for Mrs REadalot’s slowness this month 😦

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