Book Club Review – The Lucky One {Nicholas Sparks}

This month’s book club review is courtesy of the lovely Suyi from vintagepentaxaffair.

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When I found out the book of the month would be The Lucky One, I thought it was a great idea – mostly because I’ve watched The Notebook almost two hundred times. The fact that the film was coming out in April starring Zac Efron also helped.

I found myself motoring through this love story in two nights and only had to stay up until 12am to finish it on a work night. Success Mr Sparks, you caught me by the heel and sent me running through this book without stopping for a breather.

Wonderfully crafted, the pace was leisurely and introduced the perfect man/US marine/dog-handler extraordinaire on a mission to find the beautiful woman in a lucky photo-token. The overbearing ex-husband who manipulates and sabotages the naive single mother who lives with her grandmother and a quiet chess-playing son provided most of the small town drama until a new arch enemy walks into town.

Our favourite characters included the grandmother for her cool nana-qualities as well as Zeus the dog for his loyalty and general awesomeness. We all enjoyed the relationship between Thibault and young Ben too!

Our overall rating for The Lucky One was 7.75/10 because most of us in Le Book Club agreed that the end of the book was a bit frazzled. The minimal build up created high anxiety and a very movie worthy ending but it left a few loose threads.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Thanks Suyi for a lovely review! I enjoyed the book although I probably wouldn’t read it a second time. I am going to go and see the movie…mostly to check out how Zac Effron does at taking on the role of Logan Thibault, a US Marine. I can’t imagine it! haha 😉

Next month’s book is Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult.


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