Let Your Love Have a Face

Today I stumbled across this post, The Beauty of Reality, from Every Day Revival. Man it’s good!

Reality. Perhaps that’s the biggest link missing from our world of social media today. Yes, we can share our thoughts through words and pictures on a computer screen. But how does one confine to a screen the reality of looking into a person’s eyes and realizing in that moment that they love you? Even movies can’t make you feel the breeze blowing over a field of wild flowers. Despite all the information the internet has to share with us about the needy and the ways in which we can donate our money to them, nothing can compare to actually spending time with those who need to be loved. Pictures can’t replace their hugs and their thankful eyes.

Read the whole post here…

Make a conscious decision today (and every day) to look into the eyes of the ones you love (not just the facebook page or twitter feed).

And the forgotten ones who desperately need love–go and love them too.

Let your love have a face, legs, and arms that embrace.


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