This hit home today. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thanks Dan.


A confession: I’m insecure. I might have a bunch of things on the outside that you see that look great and confident, but if you really got a glimpse in the cave of this soul of mine you might be pleasantly surprised. I say pleasantly, because I believe at the core of you is the exact same thing.

My wife gets a glimpse every now and then, though to be honest it’s probably not as much as I should let her see. And God gets a glimpse too. They both know I’m not the securest of people. They both know I have a desire to be needed. To have a thought heard, or a prayer prayed. To have my dreams unloaded and approved. To have my desires met.

And here’s the amazing thing: as a result of this insecurity, I need them.

If I’m completely secure, I don’t need my…

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