Adventures in the Kitchen & The Alluring Qualities of Recipe Books

I like to eat toast.

I like the taste of toast but mostly I am too lazy to cook anything else.  I don’t have to cook for anyone else apart from me (and sometimes the flatmates if they’re home) so I just don’t bother.  Hows that for a bad example of self-care?!  I know that it’s important to eat a balanced diet and and I always have a good breakfast and lunch, however dinner seems to fall by the wayside most days of the week.  That’s when toast comes to the rescue!

However, the past couple of days I have actually cooked a proper dinner. TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Lamp Chop & Veges

Bacon &Egg Pie

Yes – I took photos for proof.  Bacon & Egg Pie recipe here.

Talking about cooking, does anyone else find themselves collecting recipe books for no apparent reason?  Given my current occupation of toast-eating, it doesn’t make a lot of sense does it? However, I often find myself drooling over beautiful recipe books and wishing I had all the time in the world to embark on wonderful culinary adventures in the kitchen.  Maybe I’ve watched Julia & Julia a few too many times [once].

Here are a few wonderful recipe books that have been calling out to me (some of which I own and some of which I would like to own).

Julia Le Clerc: Made By Hand
All about delicious home-cooked food using natural, fresh ingredients. Yum!

Lynda Brown: The Preserving Book
I have just started learning about preserving. It’s a great skill to learn if you want to save money and make the most of seasonal fruit and vegetables.  Buying fruit & vegetables out of season is not only expensive but is also not as friendly to the environment.

Sophie Gray: Stunning Food From Small Change
I love Sophie Gray (aka Destitute Gourmet).  My mum owns this one. I once borrowed it for a whole year and refused to give it back.

Sophie Dahl: Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights
I own this one. Sophie Dahl is Roald Dahl’s granddaughter and this is part autobiography, part recipe book.

My Kitchen: One-Pot Wonders

Alison Host: Best Of
I own this one.  It’s the recipe book that taught me to cook!

Alexa Johnston: A Second Helping
A tempting collection of traditional home-baking recipes including Sponge Kisses and Melting Moments. Drool.

Does anyone else get sucked into buying recipe books?  How many of the ones you own do you actually use?  I’d love to know your hands-down favourite recipe books.  Tell me your secrets!


10 thoughts on “Adventures in the Kitchen & The Alluring Qualities of Recipe Books

  1. Roy says:

    I like old recipe books: the ones your mum or grandmother could have cooked from. They’re not over-complicated and start with raw ingredients, not packet stuff. The best cookbooks are the old, handwritten, falling-apart-at-the-spine ones — hunt through them to find the dirtiest, most-worn pages, and you’ll find the most amazing recipes!

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  3. Rachel Kearns says:

    Hi – I was interested in your artical in the CHCH Press October 17 – Are you publishing a cook book? I would be keen to be some copies.
    Rachel – Home Economics and Food/Nutrition Teacher – Phillipstown School

  4. Great Entry Rach! Soooo true. I have a stack of Cookbooks I never use because now I board I barely cook and when I do I cook with my favourite recipes I’ve known by heart since i was 12 lol. However my favourite bookshelf cook book would be Jamie Olivers Ministry of Food. I particularly love the 30min meals section, specifically a recipe called cheats pasta (so yum). Also for christmas Dad got me this gooorgeous Vietnamese Street Food Cook book. It’s such a stunning book, its filled with photos and interviews with infamous vietnam street stall owners and lots of recipes. To date i’ve made Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup) and tonights agenda holds lemongrass braised beef, tomorrows is chargrilled chicken wings and beef rice paper rolls. Making the most of currently living at mum and dads (hence why i can afford all these exotic ingredients – i’m not paying for them haha) Check out instagram for photos!

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