The Art of Clothes Swapping

So it’s the end of Winter.  Spring has sprung.  Summer is just around the corner!

How is your wardrobe looking?  A wee bit tired?  If your name is Miriam, then the answer is probably no.  However, for the rest of us – the answer is probably a resounding yes!  It’s not necessarily that our clothes don’t fit anymore or they’ve become worn; it’s just nice to have a change!

So here is my challenge to you:

Step 1 – Go through your wardrobe and take out anything that you haven’t worn in the past 6-12 months (excluding wedding dress or other special items).

Step 2 – Try on each item and if you decide you might wear it again in the very near future (say about 6 weeks), then keep it.  Sometimes you just need a reminder of what clothes you own!  If you can’t imagine yourself wearing it in the very near future, put it in a bag and label it “Clothes Swap.”

Step 3 – Attend a Clothes Swap. Your aim will be to get rid of more clothes than you collect!  i.e. take a shopping bag full of clothes and return home with say 2 good quality pieces that fit you well.

Between our group of friends, we hold a clothes swap about once every 3 months.  They are always really fun.  We don’t literally ‘swap’ one item of clothing for another item.  We just all bring bags of stuff that we haven’t worn recently, lay it out all over the lounge (there are usually about 10-15 of us), and we ALWAYS get some really cool stuff to take home.  I also get a bit of a kick out of seeing other people enjoy wearing clothes that have just been sitting in my wardrobe gathering dust.  It’s so much fun!

If you want to take part in a clothes swap coming up in Christchurch next month, head over here to find out more details.  All are welcome!


If you’re cleaning out your wardrobe and want to get the bags out of the house as soon as possible, clothes can be dropped off at the SCCC Office during these times:

Tuesday to Thursday
9am – 4pm or by appointment
Ph 379 5497

Address: 510 Colombo Street (opposite Rebel Sports)


4 thoughts on “The Art of Clothes Swapping

  1. sounds awesome. I have like 4 things on that day so I can’t make it but will certainly try and promote it for you. I am hosting a swap the week before too so I’m happy to donate any leftovers to you guys as well if you like???

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