The day has come and gone. I was surprised. Surprised at how fun a wedding can be…yes, even for a control freak like me!


It rained. I didn’t care. I ate food even though no one said I’d remember to eat. I laughed. I cried. I danced. I loved every single minute!


But to be honest, I’m relieved it’s all over! Planning a wedding is insane.

I look forward to attending the wedding of some good friends of ours, tomorrow (on the 3rd anniversary of the big quakes – how cool is that?! ‘Stuff you’ earthquakes). I’m not the bride or the bridesmaid or anything special, just a friend who happened to get to watch two lovely people fall in love, and choose each other, for LIFE.

I know it will be beautiful. I’ll laugh. I’ll cry. I’ll eat, drink, dance the night away AND I won’t have to worry about paying any bills or sending out hundreds of thank you cards afterwards. Phew!


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