The day has come and gone. I was surprised. Surprised at how fun a wedding can be…yes, even for a control freak like me!


It rained. I didn’t care. I ate food even though no one said I’d remember to eat. I laughed. I cried. I danced. I loved every single minute!


But to be honest, I’m relieved it’s all over! Planning a wedding is insane.

I look forward to attending the wedding of some good friends of ours, tomorrow (on the 3rd anniversary of the big quakes – how cool is that?! ‘Stuff you’ earthquakes). I’m not the bride or the bridesmaid or anything special, just a friend who happened to get to watch two lovely people fall in love, and choose each other, for LIFE.

I know it will be beautiful. I’ll laugh. I’ll cry. I’ll eat, drink, dance the night away AND I won’t have to worry about paying any bills or sending out hundreds of thank you cards afterwards. Phew!


Operation Heart

I am trying to put some thoughts into words.

But there are few words.

I’ve spent hours clearing silt and mud from houses and streets.  I’ve been to the Red Cross and helped with data entry to track misplaced persons.  I’ve watched families grieve in the streets as they visit the resting places of their loved ones.

There are no words.

Operation Heart is nothing special.  I just wanted to do something to show my love in a creative way to the city that I call home – a city that has literally been broken apart.  My prayer is that our hearts will stay strong and that hope will emerge from the midst of this terrible tragedy.

UPDATE: See more photos and an update on Operation Heart here.