Tuesday Tunes: L.A. Mitchell – “Apple Heart”

I first heard this song about 3 weeks ago and it’s been on repeat continually since then! Lauren Mitchell you are a freakin’ genius.

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Tuesday Tunes: Fly My Pretties – “You Know Now”

Fly My Pretties has become a bit of a New Zealand institution. It’s a collaboration of a number of artists from around the country (mostly Wellington), who come together to record a live album every now and then. I think they’ve done 3 so far.

This track features L.A. Mitchell and is on their brand new album…coming out on March 19th. It’s groovy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Fly My Pretties Catalogue


Live At Bats (2004)

The Return of Fly My Pretties (2005)

A Story (2009)

Fly My Pretties IV (2012)